Partners and Donors

Israel Trauma Coalition

The coalition was created in 2002 to harness the collective knowledge,
expertise and experience of Israel’s leading trauma management NGOs and government
organizations. From an initial focus on direct care, the scope expanded developing services to
address broader issues in the trauma field including professional training, strengthening community
resilience and ensuring national emergency preparedness.


ERAN helps Facebook prevent suicide in Israel. The cooperation between Facebook and
ERAN enables us to listen, reach out and give warning of any risk factors that require immediate
intervention and referral for professional assistance.
Dr. Shiri Daniels, Professional Director at ERAN, works closely with Facebook Israel's Policy Director
to identify social media distress and prevent the mass distribution of phenomena related to
cybercrime and suicide.

Israel Ministry of Defense

Since 2006 ERAN and the Ministry of Defense have a jointly operated
Help Line dedicated to soldiers in service and their families.

Israel Ministry of Health

In 2013 The Ministry of Health created a national, multi-year, and multi-
system plan for the treatment and reduction of suicides in Israel and established the National Council
for Prevention of Suicide. ERAN is an integral and significant part of the struggle to prevent suicide
and saves hundreds of lives a year.
ERAN’s Dr. Shiri Daniels, is a member of this national council. ERAN thanks the Ministry of Health and
the Unit for Prevention of Suicide, which recognize the significance of ERAN and support the
organization’s activities.

During the academic year, the Tel Hai College and ERAN hold a unique program
within the studies of Stress and Trauma in the Department of Social Work. The students undergo the
ERAN training for volunteers and then serve as volunteers with ERAN for the remainder of their

established in 1994 as an independent entity that acts to promote the internet and its integration into Israel’s technological, research, educational, social and business infrastructure. The Association is managed by nine board members, all volunteers, and acts within this framework towards developing and advancing infrastructure services vital for the existence of the internet in Israel, narrowing the country’s digital divide and representing Israel in international forums that are significant in determining the future of the internet.

Bank HaPoalim

ERAN provides training for Bank HaPoalim’s employees and management creating a large pool of volunteers as part of the Bank’s Community Involvement initiatives.


ERAN provides training for Bezeq’s employees and management creating a large pool of volunteers as part of the company’s Community Involvement initiatives.

In 2016, RAFAEL joined forces with the ERAN branch in Carmiel, with the goal of training Rafael’s employees to volunteer in the community through the ERAN help lines. Since then, the employees of Rafael are a significant group of volunteers in Israel’s Northern Region.

The Thomases Family Endowmen

The Grant was made by “Jewish Federations of North America and United Israel Appeal” on the recommendation of the donor the Thomases Family Endowmen.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

The Grant was made by “Jewish Federations of North America and United Israel Appeal” on the recommendation of the donor, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh 

The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston


The Grant was made in favor of recruiting volunteers for the Hotline for Soldiers and their families by The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston. 

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