ERAN in North America

ERAN in North America:
Community Support from Afar
ERAN’s 1,200 volunteers answer calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As the volume of calls has
increased, it has become exceptionally challenging to staff the hotline during the middle of the night,
when many callers prefer to speak and get the support they need.
This is where Israelis living in North America get involved, and ERAN now staffs the phones lines
during late night hours in Israel with Hebrew speaking volunteers living in North America.
In cooperation with the Israeli American Council and ICC @ JCC, we are recruiting volunteers to
establish new branches in the US and Canada.
These volunteers will undergo the special ERAN training and will provide a response to the people in
Israel who call in for advice and support at night.

How to volunteer from North America?
All applicants who submit their candidacy for volunteering with ERAN will be contacted by
representatives of the Israeli communities throughout North America for a personal interview.
After the initial selection process, the candidates will undergo a week of designated training
coordinated by ERAN in each community. The purpose of the training is to provide resources to the
potential volunteers for the mental assistance and support they will provide on the phone.
Active participation course is required. Theoretical and practical training is provided by ERAN
professionals from Israel. Once the training is completed each ERAN volunteer is requested to
commit to volunteer for 10 hours a month.

ERAN will continue to provide support and guidance to all volunteers after their professional training
and during their entire time as a volunteer.

Volunteers will provide support either from the call center, where available, or from home.
Should you want to join our volunteers and apply, please fill out the form below.

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