Executive Staff

Mrs. Maria Berta Zaslany

Founder of ERAN

In February 1971, Mrs. Maria Berta Zaslany established ERAN in memory of her late husband, the late Dr. Zaslany, in their apartment in Jerusalem. Mrs. Zaslany pushed the organization forward with all her might, and in the face of multiple difficulties.
In 1983, ERAN was registered as a national association, and its official national institutions began to operate .
Ms. Zaslany continued to be active, and used to attend the National Secretariat meetings at the Tel Aviv branch, in her wheelchair.

Shouky Oren

Chairman of the Board

Serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee of ERAN since April 2023. Chairman of Bank “One Zero”, Chairman of the “Foreign Workers Fund Investment Committee”. The former Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance. 

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master’s degree in Business Administration, Hebrew University.

Married and father of five children.

David Koren

CEO of ERAN Since 2011.
Previously served as CEO from 1998-2005.
Education: Certified in Mediation and Crisis Management, B.A. in Social Work, Haifa University, Computer Certificate Studies, Marketing and Management.

Public activity: Active member of the board of the Israeli Coalition for Trauma, the Parkinson’s Association and civic leadership, director of the Israeli basketball team for the disabled.

Dr. Shiri Daniels

National Professional Director

Serves as ERAN’s professional director since July 2009, leading ERAN’s training programs in Israel and around the world. Lecturer at Tel Aviv University.
Member of the National Council for the Prevention of Suicide in the Ministry of Health. Researches and publishes articles. Author of the book “The Power of Listening” published by “Matar”

Prof Haim Knobler

Chairman of the Professional Committee

Physician and psychiatric consultant for ERAN since the establishment of the “Line for Soldiers” in 2004 and chairman of the professional committee since 2010.
Formerly Head of the IDF Mental Health Department. He teaches at the Jerusalem Medical School and the Peres Academic Center in Rehovot, and also volunteers as a mental health consultant at MDA and the IDF Disabled Organization.

Inbal Amselem

Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Director in ERAN since 2017.
Married to Michael and mother to Jonathan and Noam. Over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising and business development. As part of her role, she is responsible for managing advertising and marketing communications, PR, New Media, developing collaborations and raising donations in the business sector and over the association’s digital channels.

Alon Shimoni

Director of Finance, Operations and IT

Has been in office since 2008.
As part of his role responsible for the association’s communications system and the CRM system, which enables ERAN provide emotional aid to hundreds of thousands of callers each year.
Previously served as CFO in the private sector.

Ayala Gottfeld

Director of Development and Fundraising

Joined ERAN in 2017.

Responsible for raising donations from leading funds in Israel and abroad.
Holds an MSc in Business Administration, Graduate School at Tel Aviv University.
Over 20 years of experience in the field of resource management and development in associations and the creation of cooperation, business consulting for companies and organizations in the private sector.

Nitza Levy Schottlender

Assistant to the CEO

Since 2023.
As part of her role, she is responsible for the partner relationship with the branch coordinators, ERAN managers and members of the board.
Volunteer at ERAN since 1994. Born in Paris, grew up in Kibbutz Bar Am and Haifa, mother of 2 successful women and grandmother of a grandson. Studied special education,  specialized in working with women as a lecturer in workshops for economic and social independence in Brazil and Mexico



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