Holocaust Survivors Hotline

Holocaust Survivors Hotline

ERAN in cooperation with the Ministry of welfare and social services has established a dedicated hotline free of charge for Holocaust survivors. 

ERAN’s volunteers, professionally trained by the best experts in the field, provide emotional first aid assistance to Holocaust survivors and their family, 

24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can contact us toll-free (Israel only) from any phone – 1201 Ext. 4, or at a full dial service is 1-800-24-1201. 

The service is national and does not require identification and is available in Hebrew, English, and Russian.

There are three channels of assistance:

 Providing emotional support:  a listening ear, encouragement, and motivation for thinking about possible ways of coping with the difficulty.

 Providing information about community services to Holocaust survivors, and when necessary referring the caller for follow up treatment of the respective organizations providing support for Holocaust Survivors.

 Execution of scheduled weekly calls to Holocaust survivors seeking to, a structured program.  

Volunteer of the program generates proactively phone contact once a week at a time set in advance and talks to him on every topic he chooses.

For donations for Holocaust Survivors hotline

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